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Thank you for your interest in Boge Quinn's drafting services. I stand ready to help you complete your project, whether large or small. My expertise in producing Shop Drawings for many different products has been developed over 20 years of real-world experience in CAD design and 5 years of real-world experience in installing various products and classes of projects, with extensive experience in:


Composite Metal Panel Systems


Corrugated Metal Siding Systems


Foam-Core Metal Panel Systems


Curtainwall Systems


Storefront Systems


Glass-Wall Systems


Window Systems (fixed or operable)


Handrail Systems

We specialize in providing accurate, thorough, cost-effective design services in a timely manner. In addition, BQ2 Design can provide full structural calculations stamped by affiliate engineer in any part of the United States.

Following are a few pictures and descriptions of representative projects, both large and small.


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Gateway Medical Center was a new hospital project in Clarksville, TN, consisting of Entry Systems, Radius-Topped Curtainwall, Punched Windows,  Exterior Storefront, and Interior Storefront.



Camera World was a small “fun” local project  using Storefront and Entry Systems in a new construction that was shaped like a potato in plan, with several different radii in many directions.



Edificio Plaza Centen’ario was a very challenging and gratifying project in several ways. As the project was located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the only person involved with the project who could speak a smattering of English was the Curtainwall sales rep, who retired during the progress of the project. All the project documents were in Portuguese and used the Metric system. Shop Drawings had to be prepared in Metric and communications with the Brazilian Architect and Contractor were facilitated using a Portuguese/English dictionary.

Responsibilities included designing the entire exterior of this 40-story high-rise, including Composite Panels, Curtainwall & Strip Windows. The structure was 100% poured concrete and varied as much as 6” plus-or-minus by floor and was out-of-plumb in several directions due to the loose construction standards employed. Boge had to design a system that compensated for all this, building-up structure dimensions vertically and furring-out walls to plumb while maintaining a hurricane-force wind load without the aid of an engineer. This was accomplished while standardizing both panel and window dimensions for all floors, resulting in a good appearance while minimizing fabrication costs.

This project was featured in Metal Architecture magazine as an exemplary high-rise Composite Panel new construction.


Circuit City was a national contract that involved designing Composite Panels in two different finishes and modular support structures to a prototypical design standard, which Boge helped to create. Panels had to be designed so that they would install over modular support frames without the need for field dimensions. Contract required a great deal of project management and scheduling ability, as Circuit City had averaged approximately 50 new stores per year during Boge's tenure as designer from 1992 through 2000.


Rite-Aid Drugs Corporate Headquarters in Camp Hill, PA was a very large (over 200,000 square feet) Composite panel retrofit project in 2 custom colors. This project was featured in Metal Architecture magazine and Alusuisse product brochures as an example of the dramatic change in exterior building design that can result from a Composite Panel retrofit.




Summit Medical Center was a new hospital project in the Nashville, TN area that incorporated Composite Panels, Prefabricated Aluminum "Fin" Panels, Curtainwall, Entry Systems, Strip Windows & Barrel Vault. Boge's customer was able to sell the owner on his company primarily because Boge offered him the ability to provide a comprehensive exterior building package from a single design source. This allowed for seamless integration and coordination of related trades, thus simplifying the Architect’s and Construction Manager’s tasks and minimizing the possibility for errors and lack of project coordination.


CVS Pharmacy was a small but strikingly designed local project using Storefront and Entry Systems to provide a corner entry vestibule with angled sidelites and “empty” Storefront above to give a “space-frame” look.


Jackson International Airport in Jackson, MS was a retrofit project to a 40-year-old structure. The project involved covering existing concrete structure with Composite Panels and installing new Curtainwall with Aluminum Sun Fins, as well as designing Kalwall Skylight in the profile of an airplane wing for new Concourse driveways. The existing concrete structure had sagged over the years in various degrees at the center of each opening, so the structure had to be furred-out with hat channels before Composite Panels could be installed.




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